Chapel Ladies Guild

By John McFarlane

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This photo was taken in the wee hall, (possibly) sometime in the 1960s.

This page was added by John Mc Farlane on 09/12/2012.
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I may be wrong but I think that's my auntie Nan Walker in the front row with the striped dress.

By Margaret Foster
On 10/12/2012

You are right Margaret. Top row left to right Ellen Brown (mother of the twins) Nellie Gaffney, Mrs McGarvie, not too sure of the next three, far left is My Beck, Mrs MCDowell, ? ? Sarah Kerr (née Delaney),Nellie Martin, Annie Hartley, Winnie Rafferty, Lizzie Lavery, ? . Mrs Scott, Katie Meek, Mrs Doyle, Nan Walker, ? .? Last one is Mrs McCafferty. I recognize all the women but cannot remember all the names. I missed out Mrs McParland peeping out beside Nan Walker. My own mother must have given it a miss that night she was normally there. Perhaps someone can identify all of them and correct me if I am wrong. Kerr

By Catherine Alleyne
On 11/12/2012

ladies of the guild

By jakmac
On 16/12/2012

Hi Kit, a few names to complete the picture. Back row: Ellen Brown, Nelly Gafney, Mary young, Betty, and Ritas mother, Mrs Scott, Mrs Joe Delaney,Rose Reddington.

Next row, My Beck, Mary Mc Auley, Sarah Kerr (Delaney), Mrs Martin, Annie Hartley, Winnie Rafferty, Lizzie Lavery, Mrs Cairns (Patsys' mother), Mrs Scott (Delaney).

Next Row: Winnie Cone, Mrs Celeary, Kate Smith (Front Street), Mrs Mc Parland, Mrs Ward, Mrs Smith (Pats' mother), Maggie Reddington.

 Front row: Kate Meek, Mrs Doyle (my mother), Nan Walker, Mary Doyle (my aunt), Mrs Mc Cafferty.

By jakmac
On 24/12/2012

Mary Doyle (Tierney) (third from left, front row) was my grandmother. The other Mrs. Doyle would have been my great aunt. Too cool. My dad is Thomas Doyle, son of Mary Doyle (Tierney) and James Doyle. Great site. From the Canadian Doyles.

By Catherine Doyle
On 27/08/2013

Actually Catherine got the ladies mixed up. Tom Doyle's mother, Mary Doyle (Tierney) is fourth from left, front row as indicated correctly by 'jakmac'. Jacmac if you read this please get in touch - I am working on family trees. Ena Doyle (Tom Doyle's wife), Montreal, Canada

By Ena Doyle
On 17/09/2013

Hi cuz, As far as I am lead to believe our Gran didn't have a first name, just Mrs Doyle :-) Say hi to your mum and the rest of the Canadian Doyle's. James

By James Doyle
On 20/09/2013

Its lovely to find this picture. My granny - Margaret McCafferty is kneeling at the end of the front row with her sisters Mattie Scott and Sarah Kerr in the middle row. My granny was constantly knitting so there must've been a lot of Addiewell babies wrapped up in her beautiful shawls.

By Alison Anderson
On 21/11/2013

Its great to see this photo with my Granny, Margaret McCafferty, kneeling at the front. Also in the picture is her two sisters. Mattie Scott is standing behind her and Sarah Kerr third from the left in the middle row. I lived in Shotts but spent most weekends at Addiewell so this site has brought back many memories of my times there. I must hunt out some photos to add to the site.

By Alison Anderson
On 21/11/2013

Mary Doyle (Tierney) I'm sure is my Gran's sister, Annie Collins (Tierney).  My Gran isn't in the photo although I'm sure she was a member.

Elaine Doran - 22 October 2015

By Elaine Doran
On 23/10/2015

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