How the Chapel got its name

Photo:Is this Father Kenny?  Let us know.

Is this Father Kenny? Let us know.

John Kelly. All rights reserved. S1. 155

Doubting Thomases

The Roman Catholics of Addiewell held their [church] services in the school until, in 1922, Father Kenny contrived to get a building erected for worship alone, and after looking around, settled on the present site.

As this was regarded as a very mossy site, many parishioners doubted the wisdom of building on such an unsecure foundation; but Father Kenny insisted and named the church St Thomas after the doubting members, which name it has retained ever since.

Among the well-known clergy who have served at various times at St Thomas’ were Canon Murphy, Father Connolly, Father Kelly, Father Mohan, and the present parish priest Father McMahon.


Excerpt from ‘The End of the Era at Addiewell, two long articles in the Midlothian Advertiser, 10 March 1967, page 1.  These can be opened as a PDF attachment on the Addiewell Histories page. 

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