Michael McPartlan

My Grandad was called Michael McPartlan.  He died when my mother was only 18 so I never knew him.  My mum has now died and looking at her Dad’s wedding certificate in 1907 it says his place of usual residence was Addiewell - different to my Grandma's.  There is another name before it, which looks like Leavenstat, but the document is quite old and creased so I don’t know what this is.  I knew he was a miner as were all my uncles in Forth, but didn’t know about the shale oil. Just wondered if any records/pictures from this time.  Also did they live where they worked?

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Leavenseat is just south of Fauldhouse, and was a small hamlet. The men worked in the local coal mines and at Leavenseat quarry. There's quite a lot on this website about shale mining and the associated oil works at Addiewell. Look in the category Places, then under Streets and Housing, there are pages on what Addiewell was like in the early years of the 20th century. There's also a great website for the shale industry at http://www.scottishshale.co.uk/GazVillages/AAVillagesIntro.html Most miners lived close to their work, or at least within walking distance.

By Sybil Cavanagh
On 24/03/2013

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