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Memories of Addiewell & Loganlea

By Anne Cassidy Hamilton

I was born in the front bedroom of 37 Mooreland Gardens, Loganlea on February 26, 1951 and lived there until 1969 when I went to live in London.  Most of the older people reading this will know my parents, Pat and May Cassidy.  My older brother was Peter Cassidy (who recently passed away) and my older sister is Catherine Cassidy (who now lives in Shotts).  Most of you will also know my cousin Catherine "Kit" Cassidy, although no one in the family has ever called her Kit.  She now lives in Barbados. Tommy and Frank Cassidy who now live in West Calder are also my cousins.  My best friend was my cousin, Margaret Cairns (daughter of Katie Cassidy and Bob Cairns).  She now lives in France.  

I don't think there are any Cassidy's living in Loganlea now but when I was growing up we had family on every street in the village.  I have wonderful memories of growing up in Loganlea, playing hide and seek until ten o'clock at night in the summer, going down the hills on our sleds in winter; and the Gala Day was the highlight of the year when "Broughton's Shows" came to the village.  I am now trying to locate old family photographs to post on the site.

I married an American in 1970 and came to live in the United States in 1971.  My husband and I now live in Kansas City, Missouri (his home town).  We moved here from Washington DC after he retired in 2002.  I work as a paralegal for a law firm here in Kansas City. 

Although I have now lived in the USA for 41 years, I have never gone more then a few years without making a trip back to Scotland to visit and I love to walk around Loganlea and remember how it was growing up.  I don't know who lives at 37 Mooreland Gardens now but I go by there every time and it brings back memories of a wonderful childhood, so if you see a strange woman taking pictures of your house, it is probably me.

Although our family has settled in many different parts of the world, we are all still very close and see each other regularly, It may be here in the USA, Barbados, Scotland or London, wherever there is a wedding or unfortunately a funeral, we all come together to support each other and thoroughly enjoy our time together.

Finally, I would like to thank Billy Kane and all of the others responsible for creating and maintaining the Addiewell site.  I have enjoyed reading the articles and viewing the pictures of  "old Addiewell" and the mining community.  I have also passed the site on to my children so that they can see where they come from, and never forget their coal mining heritage, hard working people who are the salt of the earth. 

I had many friends in Loganlea growing up but have no idea where they are now.   I would love to hear from the people who grew up with me in Loganlea. My e-mail is  I am also on facebook.

Anne Cassidy Hamilton

This page was added by Anne Cassidy Hamilton on 27/09/2012.
Comments about this page

lovely memories

By Tommy Woods
On 30/09/2012

Hi I was looking through these pages with my nan & aunt (Violet & Veronica Greeney) they remember you & your family & also a lot of people in the photos, they lived at 25 Mooreland Gardens.

By lis
On 24/02/2013

Lis: I remember your Nan and Aunt (Violet and Veronica Greeney) very well. Veronica was one of our gang that used to play together along with Margo Regan, Jemima Muirhead, Caroline Young, Greta Walker... and I am sure there are others that I have not mentioned. Mr. Greeney is in one of the pictures with my Dad, they were apparently both on the Gala Day committee in the late 1940's. The exact year is on the picture but I can't change screens or I will lose what I have written here. Does your Nan and Aunt still live in Loganlea? I have been corresponding with Margo Regan (now Todd) who lived next door. I got in touch with her through this site.

By Anne Cassidy Hamilton
On 26/02/2013

Lis, I remember all the Greeney family, roddy, Willie Violet and Veronica, I was in the same class at school as Violet, I was a Cassidy before I got married and Violet should remember me.

By Catherine Alleyne
On 02/03/2013

Hi, yes my nan remembers you all very well, and your grandparents etc, my nan, Veronica and Lillian all live in the south coast of England they've been here now for about 40 yrs! Nan often talks about back home, school and always says it was happy times, my nan is pleased to hear from you both and I will also let Veronica know x

By Lisa Greeney
On 02/07/2013

I was part of the gang you have mentioned there was also Jessie Franks I remember the Casidys  I lived at 46 moorland gardens next door to Caroline young .

By Tommy Jordan
On 14/09/2019

Tommy Jordan, I remember you and your brothers.  I haven't been on this site for quite a while and just saw your post.  Remember that swing park behind your house.  That was a 1960's death trap.  I would not have let my children near a park like that.  But.... we survived to tell the tale.  Where do you live now?

Anne Cassidy

By Anne Cassidy Hamilton
On 05/03/2022

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