Railways and roads

Addiewell is fortunate to have a station of its own, but for many years before passenger services began, it was already linked to two main railway lines thanks to its oil works and mines.

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Accident to railway fireman
He forgot the tunnel...
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Addiewell Station: Fast Facts
25 facts about Addiewell Station
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Addiewell tollhouse
A reminder of the pre-industrial days before the coming of the oil works
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More bridges and viaducts
Gone, but not forgotten
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Pugs and mineral lines
Colliery engines operating on works and pit railway lines were known as pug engines.
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Railway fatalities
Local life 100 years ago was appallingly dangerous : Four children killed in accidents around mines and railways in the first nine months of 1889
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Railway miscellany
Brief news items on Addiewell and its railway lines
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Railways and Addiewell
How railways developed in the Addiewell area, yesterday and today